Word on the Street


From a Deedz member:

I know I’m not the only one who thinks what we do at Deedz is just a little peculiar.
Just ask around at Maxwell, Good Shepherd or Seaton House.

A diverse group of twenty-somethings meeting in rain, snow and below-freezing temperatures on a Friday night, not to get marks or money or volunteer hours, but to “just hang out”? That’s odd.

Still, it’s thrilling to think that what we do at Deedz is odd enough to cause folks at the shelters to thoughtfully examine their lives. Even over the past six months I’ve seen many traces of this as several men have pondered the deeper significance of our meeting together. On more than one occasion men have told me, after opening up about the daily difficulties they face, that in spite of their problems “we must be in this conversation right now for a reason”.

I’ve also begun to meet more people hungry for change in their lives. Over the summer I met an Iranian man who confessed to me that he saw a lot of joy in the hearts of the people who came on Friday nights, and that he wanted that same joy. In the midst of all the negativity in their personal lives and in their communities, our conversations seem to engender genuine encouragement.

Our little movement called Deedz has proven more than once that you don’t have to be a social worker or politician to cultivate positive change in the lives of homeless men and women. Even something as seemingly simple as friendship can impact others in ways more personal than any program, donation, or seven-step plan.

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