Homeless Toronto men start library in underpass – City News



Two homeless Toronto men who love to read have started their own library in a city underpass.

Elwin Murphy and Alex, who doesn’t want his last name used, started the library at Lower Simcoe Street near Front Street, the CBC reported.

Alex told MetroNews he had too many books to carry around with him in his shopping cart, so he started the library. He estimated he has about 40 books, includes titles by Dan Brown and David Baldacci.

Alex himself reads three books a week. One of the things he likes best about the library is that people stop and talk to him now. Before, he said, they would just walk by.

Murphy has about 20 books and says unlike Alex, he keeps his small on purpose, so that he can cart it away quickly in case police come by.

“If the authorities ask us to leave, we can put everything in a shopping trolley and clear off,” he hold the CBC.

He prefers historical books and detective novels for himself, but has all kinds of books in his collection.

And, like Alex, Murphy says he relishes the chance to talk to people who would otherwise ignore him.

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