What shelters do you visit?
1. Maxwell Meighan (maxwellmeighen.ca) at Queen St. East + Sherbourne Street
2. Good Shepherd Centre (goodshepherd.ca) at Queen St. East + Tracy Street
3. Seaton House (toronto.ca) on George Street (near Gerrard St. East)

What do I need to bring?
Nothing. Just your ttc fare.

What should I wear?
Be yourself! But here are some suggestions.
– Winter/Fall: Make sure you are dressed in weather appropriate clothing. We stand outside so we suggest extra socks, mitts and hats, and if you have them, long johns!
– Spring/Summer: Despite the heat, ladies may want to avoid clothing that is too revealing since it may attract unwanted comments and attention (we say this from experience).
– It is always a good idea to avoid clothing that is very ‘flashy’ or ‘high end’ to be sensitive to our environment.

What should I talk about?
Anything! A great way to start a conversation is to ask where someone is from. Sports, travel, hobbies. Anything that is positive. Actually, the weather is not a bad idea since the weather affects street involved people in significant and unique ways.

What should I not talk about?
Remember that we want to keep the conversations positive. Since many street involved people struggle or have struggled with addiction, we want to avoid talk about partying, drinking, and drugs. If this comes up, we suggest trying to turn the conversation to a more positive subject. We also suggest staying clear of Family as a topic. Many people who live in the shelter or on the street are not in contact with family members and this could be a painful subject. If they bring it up, then by all means talk about it! But let them bring it up first.

What if I’m very shy?
No problem! People who are shy have the option of filling up cups of juice/hot chocolate and can always talk in a group. If you’re shy, feel free to stand with someone who is more experienced and they will take the lead.

What if someone asks me for money?
As a general rule, we do not give out money or tokens (which can be sold at shady convenient stores). If someone asks for money, just say “Sorry we don’t give out money. We just have hot chocolate/juice to offer.”

Can I take someone out for food?
No. If you come across someone who seems like they are in need of food, talk to the leader at your shelter. Please do not leave the group.

Is Deedz a charity or non-profit organization?
No. Deedz is not a recognized charity. In fact, when we are at the shelters we do not use the name Deedz. We simply say that we are a group of people who regularly visit the shelters. Sometimes a charity can be viewed as having an agenda – like gaining school credit for being there. We have no agenda other than to offer friendship.

Is Deedz a religious group?
Deedz encourages people of all religious or non-religious backgrounds to participate. We encourage all members to be themselves while respecting the beliefs of others.

Can I bring a group?
Deedz has guided many groups over the years. If you are planning to bring more than four people, please contact John Knight in advance to ensure that we have an adequate number of leaders to accommodate your group. (john1285@gmail.com)